puppy play group bidefordWatching your puppy play is always fun but did you know it is also an important developmental stage during which appropriate dog to dog behaviour is learned? During play, puppies learn acceptable levels of play,  restraint and inhibition over aggression which helps lead to a lifetime of the enjoyment of engagement with other dogs.

Unlike the park or the beach our play club is restricted to puppies of similar age or confidence so there is no risk of being overwhelmed by other dogs. It is also moderated by a certified, experienced and qualified dog trainer who will help you identify appropriate and positive play versus play that encourages inappropriate and unwanted behaviours.  Training tips and advice are provided during the sessions; however, the main focus will be on socialisation, play and learning appropriate doggy behaviours.

Lockdown puppies have also missed out on socialising with people. This can lead to fear and inappropriate barking. At puppy play club your puppy will meet other puppy owners and our team learning how to socialise with people is a safe, fun environment.

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Join our Puppy Club and enjoy watching your puppy play while you both learn canine communication skills!


Meeting us

Meet and greet sessions are free, we invite you to visit the pay paddock so we can meet you and your puppy so we know which group to match them to.


What your puppy will need before puppy play group

Your puppy will need to have had all its vaccinations, with flea and worming treatments up to date.  Vaccination cards or vet’s evidence will be required when booking.


At the group

We encourage you to let your puppy’s explore natural play with the other puppies.  If your puppy becomes aggressive, we ask you to remove them from the paddock for a short time while we assess further engagement. 

Please bring plenty of treats to the group.

Puppy Club Fees:

£60 for 6 sessions

We are based in Bideford and we cover all of North Devon so if you are from Northam, Westward Ho! or Instow give us a call and even if you are a little further afield it doesnt hurt to ask!

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07816 126 846

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