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My Name is Bonnie & this is my human Mum!

Hello, my name is Bonnie and this is my human mum, Ann.

I used to be the boss and would pull Ann everywhere; run-off to play ball with other dogs and then be reluctant to return when called. I didn’t understand what going out for a walk with Ann was meant to be like. Ann never used to look forward to taking me out for a walk, she saw it as a chore. But that was before we met Adam of Pawfect Pet Care.

He showed me how much more fun it would be to concentrate on my own ball and be a good and loyal companion for Ann. Adam helped me by taking me out for walks and teaching me how not to pull on my lead and to obey instructions such as, returning when being recalled and remaining close to my walking companion when required. Then, during a few enjoyable outings with my Ann, Adam he taught me to respond to and respect Ann’s wishes. He also taught Ann how to continue my training on her own; giving her the confidence and skills she needed. Our walks are now stress-free experiences and are the highlight of mine and Ann’s day.

Pawfect Pet Care are experts in canine behaviour. They are qualified in canine behavioural management and have 20+ years’ experience of working with and training dogs in a professional setting. They work with your puppies and dogs to teach them appropriate canine behaviours. They also teach owners how to manage their dog’s behaviour through 1:1 coaching sessions.

In addition to their general pet services, Pawfect Pet Care specialise in tailor made services for OAPs. In addition to ensuring the pets are appropriately cared for the visits can also include the preparation of a hot meal; while providing a safety check and companionship. Home from home respite for pets is offered during owners hospital stays giving them the peace of mind to receive the care they need.

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We are based in Bideford and we cover all of North Devon so if you are from Northam, Westward Ho! or Instow give us a call and even if you are a little further afield it doesnt hurt to ask!

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